How to Review the Poker Winner’s Checklist and Why?

Information is the foundation of knowledge and is worthy only when you make good use of it. While playing poker, it is critical to review winner’s checklist, so as to put your poker playing skills to good use.

Key elements of poker winner’s checklist to review


Having the knowledge to play poker correctly and playing poker well are not the same thing. Difference between both is discipline. You have spent lots of time and effort in gaining knowledge of playing poker well but without proper discipline it will make you play poorly. Therefore, practice on discipline aspect, so as to put your poker skills to good use. Those who exercise discipline, have knowledge to play poker and do that without any bias are fortunate.

Occasionally, if lack of discipline vibrates while experiencing dry spell on payable hands then use it. It is the decision quality that matters and discipline helps to maintain that quality on winning level.

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Focus on the game and watch opponent’s hands and tendencies. It is crucial to observe consistently on the happenings around the poker table. A majority of the players have worked hard to gain good poker playing knowledge through study and experience but sometimes reach a plateau and surrender by making a mistake of placing their game-decision on autopilot.

Keep in mind that having knowledge about playing poker well is just half the battle because each player presents different challenges. If you ignore this then you will not be competent to take advantage of their exclusive weaknesses or protect yourself against savvier poker opponents.

Create a plan

After settling in the game, observe each opponents’ tendencies and then assess the game’s tempo and texture. The next step is to start formulating a plan to win the pot. The plan will need to be flexible but you will be familiar of what step to take. For example, if the game seems very tight then open up and make an attempt to exploit a specific timid player. Alternatively, if you observe loose game then tighten your plan. Getting to know the opponents level, will help to create a proper plan like should you play basic poker or use more advanced strategies.

All these three aspects of review on winner’s checklist will not just serve your well-being at poker table but even in life. The critical elements while playing poker differ from one player to another. One skilled winning player may detect his hand reading ability to be most essential for success, so he will hone that skill. Other player may find discipline to be critical element in his winning. It means he is solid on other elements but on occasion has found himself out of line and this betting aspect has not been fortunate for him.