Crazy 4 Poker – Fans ‘re Going Crazy 4 It

How you can Play Crazy 4 poker

You will find four betting positions around the layout: Ante, Play, Super Bonus, and Queens Up. The ante and super bonus are mandatory wagers and should constitute equal amounts.The queens up is optional by which anywhere within table limits could be wagered, susceptible to your policies. The dealership gives each player and the or herself five cards face lower.

Players must then choose to play or fold with respect to the strength of the hands. When folding, the gamer forfeits all bets. When the player decides to experience, s/he or she must place yet another play wager comparable to the ante. Once the player has a set of aces or better, s/he’s the choice to boost as much as three occasions the ante. Otherwise, the bet amount should be comparable to the ante.

The dealership then reveals his/her hands and compares it to any or all player hands. The dealership should have a minimum of a king or easier to qualify. When the dealer doesn’t qualify all players that wagered win even cash on the play bet, and also the ante pushes. When the dealer qualifies and also the player beats the dealer’s hands, they win even cash on the ante and play bets. When the dealer beats the gamer, they lose both wagers.

The Super Bonus bet wins whenever a player includes a straight or better. It pushes when:

A person has under an upright, When the dealer doesn’t qualify, or maybe the gamer beats the dealership with under an upright. If your player loses towards the dealer, the super bonus is compensated based on the following table:

Straight – 1-to-1

Flush – 1.5 to at least one

3 of the Kind – 2 to at least one

Straight Flush – 15 to at least one

Four 2 through K – 30 to at least one

Four Aces – 200 to at least one

The not compulsory Queens Up wager pays the next whatever the dealer’s hands:

Set of Queens or Better – 1-to-1

Two Pair – 2 to1

Straight – 3 to at least one

Flush – 4 to at least one

3 of the Kind – 9 to at least one

Straight flush – 30 to at least one

4 of the Kind – 50 to at least one

The Million $ Option

To really make it much more exiting, yet another bonus choice is available which gives players a go at obtaining a awesome million. It’s known as 6 Card Bonus and tables are swamped with eager players where it’s offered. A fantastic hands includes a Royal Flush that’s a mix of the player’s five cards and something dummy card varying from 9 through Ace. Whether it’s all in Diamonds the champion is gifted with A Million $! Six card Royals in Hearts, Clubs, and spades also provide substantial jackpots, just like all 5 card Royals. Here’s the pay table:

6 Card Super Royal Diamonds ( 9,10,J,Q,K,A) – $1,000,000

6 Card Super Royal – Hearts, Clubs, Spades – $100,000

5 Card Royal (10,J,Q,K,A) – 1,000 to at least one

Straight Flush – 200 to at least one

4 of the Kind – 50 to at least one

Full House – 20 to at least one

Flush – 15 to at least one

Straight – 10 to at least one

Three of the Kind – 5 to at least one

Paytables can vary between jurisdictions.


An easy strategy when playing Crazy 4 Poker is to create a small raise having a K-Q-8 or greater, create a large raise with a set of aces or greater, otherwise fold.

The home edge is all about 3.4%. Best Of Luck!